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The Pátio

Pátio do Judeu History

The Pátio do Judeu is located 40 minutes from Santarém, Leiria and about 20 minutes from Rio Maior, Porto de Mós, Batalha or Alcobaça. The Pátio is housed in a small village in Serra d’Aire and Candeeiros the Natural Park, a limestone region with vast natural heritage of unique features, singular fauna and flora. A few kilometers from the Pátio, you can also find a wealth of historical and cultural heritage, a gastronomy of excellence, a mix of rural and religious traditions and some of the best beaches of the western region.

The Pátio do Judeu offers accommodations that combine the best of rustic style with a touch of elegance and modernity. Once a family home with a curious associated legend, the building was remodeled and expanded, offering 3 fully equipped apartments and 3 rooms with private bathroom so you can enjoy pleasant moments of leisure and comfort in familiar surroundings. Free Wi-fi, air conditioning, cable and satellite TV are some of the facilities at your disposal in all rooms and apartments.

Relax in the company of a traditional fireplace on cooler days or sunbathe in the garden on the hottest days. Be sure to visit the region, individually or in trips organized by the Pátio do Judeu.




How everything started

The house was first registered in 1937 by Francisco dos Santos. Since then it has undergone some changes and went through several owners, but was always associated with those who built it and lived in it for many years, Francisco dos Santos and his family. The first owner was known as “The Jew”, nickname that has passed from father to son, leading the location of the house to be, and always until now, known as “O Casal do Judeu”.

When the idea to transform the space into a rural tourism project came, the owners felt that the name linked to the history of the house should not change, hence this to have remained as the original, with a slight adaptation: “O Pátio do Judeu”.



The legend

The story goes that Manuel dos Santos, sole heir of Francisco dos Santos, was mischievous and irreverent enough already for that time. Never concerned by his father’s business, a man with some possessions. Once the son did not want the job, or showed ambition, it is said that Francisco dos Santos hid a pot full of pounds in gold in one of the house walls, trying to secure the future of his son.

Today, the story is only a legend, it is not known for sure if he hid those pounds, or if they even existed, and if the they were hidden, where they are now.


O Pátio do Judeu - Welcome

The Patio do Judeu offers accommodation combining the best of rustic style with a touch of refinement and modernity. Once a family home with a curious associated legend, the building was renovated and expanded, with 3 fully equipped apartments and 3 rooms with private bathroom.

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O Pátio do Judeu - How to get here

GPS: 39°27’36.2″N 8°51’25.9″W


Take A1 towards Aveiras de Cima exit, take the N366 road, follow the Ic2 and exit at Rio Maior, take the N361 road, next to the Rio Maior Fire Department roundabout and continue to Alcanede, at the traffic lights turn left following the road N362 until Valverde.

Take A1 towards the exit of Leiria. Take IC2 in the direction of Porto de Mós, and then take the EN362 in the direction of Santarém to Valverde.

O Pátio do Judeu - Contacts

Rua Principal EN 362 N11 – Valverde 2025-201 Alcanede, Santarém
+351 243 400 012